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This wonderfully illustrated guide to the Japanese culinary art of sushi continues in its popularity nineteen years after its initial publication. Kathryn Kleinman's beautiful photographs take a rich, graphic look at this enticing subject, whose history and traditions are thoroughly explained in author Mia Detrick's informative text. A winner of a Communication Arts Award of Excellence for Photography in 1982, Sushi is a gorgeous exploration of a fascinating subject.

Published by Chronicle Books, 1981

Clean, graphic, and elegant, Salad broke new visual ground in the world of food photography with its release in 1985. Author Amy Nathan's visionary recipes were at the forefront of the culinary trend exploring the use of fresh, wholesome produce in creative and delicious combinations. Bathed in white light, the stunning images glow with color and clarity, defining a look that became one of Kathryn Kleinman's signature styles. A breathtaking work that delights the eye as much as the palate, Salad has long stood out as a beautiful and original exploration of its subject.

Published by Chronicle Books, 1985

Openers explores the oft-overlooked subject of starters with a fresh eye and a flair for the creative. Kathryn Kleinman's exquisite visual exploration of her subject blends beautifully with author and stylist Amy Nathan's talent for innovative recipes and flawless presentation. The result is a stunning visual celebration of culinary art that inspires the reader to explore new approaches to opening a meal. Openers was awarded the Communication Arts Award of Excellence for Photography in 1988, and images from the book were also featured in the 1989 Graphis Photo Annual.
In their third book collaboration Fruit, author and stylist Amy Nathan and photographer Kathryn Kleinman explore the dazzling culinary possibilities that fruit affords us. Amy Nathan's imaginative recipes and creative use of ingredients are both inspiring and informative, while Kathryn Kleinman's innate talent for taking a familiar subject and exploring it in a unique style make the images in Fruit some of her most memorable work. Fruit was given the Communication Arts Award of Excellence in Photography in 1988, and images from the book were featured in the Graphis Photo Annual of 1989.

Published by Chronicle Books in 1988

On Flowers
A stunningly original work, On Flowers captured the attention of the book world with its publication in 1988. This glorious and imaginative collaboration between award-winning photographer Kathryn Kleinman and renowned stylist Sara Slavin combines breathtaking images with lyrical text, exploring the world of flowers through folklore, history, culture, and cuisine. Sara Slavin's unique sense of style blends beautifully with Kathryn Kleinman's ability to capture the essence of her subject on film; together they inspire us to look closer at flowers, and challenge us to consider new possibilities for incorporating them into our lives. Enhanced by the groundbreaking design of Michael Mabry, this gorgeous portfolio of work immediately became an inspirational resource book for floral designers, stylists and decorators. On Flowers received a Communication Arts Award of Excellence in Photography, and images from the book were featured in the 1989 Graphis Photo Annual.

Published by Chronicle Books 1981

Baked From the Heart
Baked From the Heart is an engaging book that inspires its readers to create charming and delicious edible gifts for their friends and loved ones. A collaborative work between author and food stylist Stephanie Greenleigh, art director and designer Jennifer Barry and photographer Kathryn Kleinman, Baked From the Heart combines delectable recipes with creative ideas for celebrations and gift-giving, beautifully illustrated throughout with gorgeous, inspirational images.

Published by Ten Speed Press, 1997

Les Immortelles
Les Immortelles is a uniquely beautiful exploration of everlasting dried flowers. Award-winning photographer Kathryn Kleinman's ethereal images are exquisite still life observations that highlight the timeless beauty of her subject. The striking images are complimented by writer Georgeanne Brennan's thoughtful examination of the history and traditions behind the fascinating subject. An enchanting work, Les Immortelles received a Communication Arts Award of Excellence for Photography, and images from the book were featured in the Graphis Photo Annual.

Published by Chronicle Books, 1995

Country garden Series:
Apples, Pears, Berries, Summer Fruit, and Herbs

After her success with the award-winning Lemons, Kathryn Kleinman went on to illustrate five other titles in the acclaimed Country Garden Cookbook series: Apples, Pears, Berries, Summer Fruit and Herbs. Combining charming country locations, fresh ingredients, and inspiring presentations with her unerring eye for detail and consummate skill at using natural light, Kathryn Kleinman's images beautifully captured the essence of these books. Of the five titles, Pears was nominated for the James Beard Award for Best Food Photography, and images from Apples were featured in the Graphis Photo Annual. Herbs and Berries are currently available as Special Editions from Hallmark Books.

Published by HarperCollins Publishers, 1993-1995

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